monnsqueak said: still looking for help with scans? :D

Sorry if this is belated! Yesssss I am !

Friday Jan 1 @ 04:56pm
Sorry for being less than active!

Keeping up with this blog is difficult, and I’m still looking for help running it

*hint hint*.

Wednesday Jan 1 @ 05:14pm
cheek-breh asked: Why do so many lovely lolitas cover their faces in pictures? It’s a shame :


There’s a lot of reasons. One reason is just because some people don’t want their faces to be on the internet and that’s pretty understandable. It has a lot to do with privacy.
Another reason is just if you happen to be making a derpy face or something but the rest of the picture came out nice. This is helpful for people like me who aren’t at all photogenic but still want to have pictures of our coords.

In case you’ve been wondering.

Tuesday Jan 1 @ 01:41pm


Older G&LBs seemed to have a lot more decor and room oriented features! This is from G&LB 5 and it features a big awesome mirror cross, a bat shaped rug which is merely a bat shape cut from faux fur, an artfully draped bookshelf, and a completely bizarre light on a stick.

Monday Jan 1 @ 10:52am


A beautifully cluttered room from either Gothic & Lolita Bible 4 or 5!

Monday Jan 1 @ 09:56am


A few brand released decor pieces from a scan in one of the Bibles.

Sunday Jan 1 @ 02:26am
Lolita Stereotype



I love that the one asking “Do you even know the correct way to wear wrist cuffs?” is only wearing one wrist cuff.

Sunday Jan 1 @ 09:56am
Happy New Year! ♥

Sunday Jan 1 @ 01:31am
Friday Dec 12 @ 06:26pm

Vol 11

Friday Dec 12 @ 05:31pm

Friday Dec 12 @ 04:41pm

Vol 11.

Friday Dec 12 @ 03:41pm
Vol 11.

Vol 11.

Friday Dec 12 @ 02:41pm
Marilyn Manson in Vol 11.

Marilyn Manson in Vol 11.

Friday Dec 12 @ 01:46pm
Vol 11.

Vol 11.

Friday Dec 12 @ 12:46pm
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